Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend, is a girl who did not have a dog

I have always been crazy about dogs and was lucky enough to always have one in my family. As soon as I was able to do so on my own, I adopted a lab mix, Jack. Jack is now nine years old and he has unofficially become the mascot of our business. 
I currently volunteer with P.A.W.S (Pets Are Wonderful Support) by walking dogs weekly for people who are unable to walk their dogs due to illness or disability. In the past I have volunteered for Grateful Dogs Rescue and also fostered dogs through Wonder Dog and Animal Care and Control. One of these fosters became a permanent addition to our home in 2008. Tommy, a Boston Terrier (aka:bossy terror) mix had such exuberant energy levels that we decided to make it our job to tire him out and it was from this tenacious little terrier that "Get A Leg Up" was born.
I know what it means to take care of people's most prized possessions as I was a nanny for over ten years. I always took great pride in taking care of people's children, and to me, dogs are just an extension of that. I feel so grateful that these precious little lives are entrusted in my care and my promise each day is that I will keep them safe and let's not forget, show them a good time!



Growing up on a ranch in Campo Grande, Brazil, I was raised with animals of every type. Cows, horses, chickens and a pack of very playful boxers.  My family and I moved to Sao Paulo when I was 11 and I missed so much having these animals. I am so happy to be surrounded by animals again and working in this business can sometimes feel like living on a farm!
I graduated with a degree in business in Brazil. I then decided to move to the USA to study English and it was then that I met Celene and her dog Jack. I have been here ever since. I love snowboarding and camping, and anything that has to do with being outside. This is another reason I love what I do, I get to be outside all day and nothing can compete with that.
Celene and I share a love of animals and we began to foster dogs together years ago and we ended up keeping a Boston terrier mix, Tommy.  Our dogs come out with us on all of our pack walks and that has to be one of my favorite things about this job, that we can bring our dogs to work. At the end of the day, I am glad to be around animals as it makes me feel at home.