$28 Per Walk for Full Time Dogs (5 days a week)
 $30 Per Walk for Part Time Dogs

$50 for 2 Dog Households
Please note, we do ask that all dogs go out with us a minimum of 3 days a week. This ensures that your dog is acclimated to the pack and getting the exercise he or she needs!



Please note that we are now only boarding dogs who are current walking/boarding clients or are interested in joining the pack. We only board two dogs at a time and the dogs are out playing all day for no extra fee. Your dog will accompany our packs on two walks a day and when we are not out walking, they are either playing in our large yard or hanging out in the house with us. We are quite different from the kennels and hotels which hold 40, 60, or more dogs in small cages or runs. We only crate your dog if you request it, otherwise your dog is free to roam. With such a small number of dogs allowed, each guest at our home is assured a comfortable, personal stay. 



We service San Francisco & Pacifica.  

  • Bernal Heights

    Diamond Heights

  • Excelsior

  • Glen Park

  • Ingleside & Ingleside Terraces

  • Miraloma

  • Mission Terrace

    Monterey Heights

  • Noe Valley

  • Potrero Hill

  • St Francis Wood

  • West Portal